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We know you want a technology that works the way you do. Pulse360 was designed from the ground up by a financial advisor for a financial advisor.

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All Starter Plan features plus
Salesforce Integration
Automatic Disclosure Attachments
Create & Add Unlimited Tags to Notes
Automatic Task Creation in Your CRM
Trigger Your CRM Workflows
Take Handwritten Notes
500MB Document Storage
New Features added monthly

Starter Plan

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Stop Reinventing the Wheel →
Redtail CRM Integration
Wealthbox CRM Integration
Create Repeatable Text Templates
Create & Send Customized Emails
Powerful Search Filters
50MB Document Storage
Comprehensive Help via email, videos, knowledge center and phone


Organization / month
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Everything in Pro Plan
Audit Logs
Compliance View
Compliance Alerts
Multiple Workspace Access

Simple, yet powerful features for your practice.

And how it can help your practice.
Redtail CRM integration
Automatically push notes, create tasks and trigger workflows in your Redtail CRM from Pulse360. Avoid double or even triple work.
Available: All Plans
Wealthbox CRM integration
Automatically push notes, create tasks and trigger workflows in your Wealthbox CRM from Pulse360. Avoid double or even triple work.
Available: All Plans
Salesforce CRM integration
Automatically push notes in your Salesforce CRM from Pulse360. Ability to create tasks coming soon.
Available: Pro Plans
Document Vault
You can stop navigating your folder system and have frequently used PDF documents available at your finger tips to attach to notes and send out via email.
Available: All Plans
Stop writing from scratch every time. You can create repeatable text templates - that we call micro-templates and use them forever to save you time and writer's block.
Available: All Plans
Custom Templates
Not all your emails are the same. Sometimes it is a client to-do; other times it is an agenda or a follow-up. Easily customize document templates for your needs.
Available: All Plans
Use Tags the right way
You can create and attach multiple tags to individual advice. Get your advice organized and find that needle in a haystack in seconds.
Available: Pro Plans
Retire Your Yellow Pads
It's 2021 folks. And a Pandemic. With our Digital Notepad, you can use an iPad Pro or Surface PC to take handwritten notes that is saved in a central space and encrypted.
Available: Pro Plans
Automate Task Creation
Imagine automatically creating tasks when you add meeting notes. Well, with Pulse360, you can now define your task templates and they will automatically be created in Redtail or Wealthbox. Like Magic! 
Available: Pro Plans
Trigger Your Workflows
Redtail or Wealthbox gives you the power to create workflows. We give you the power to automatically trigger them from Pulse360 when you add notes. Never, ever, forget to start a workflow again!
Available: Pro Plans
Automatic Document Attachment
Sending disclosures is sometimes forgotten. Now, attach it to a micro-template and it will automatically be sent to your clients when you email. And logged for you!   
Available: Pro Plans
Excel like Filters
We all love Excel as it can help manage large amounts of data easily, especially with the filters. We added a similar capability to make it easy to find what you are looking for quickly.
Available: All Plans
“Holy Cow! This is phenomenal.“
Michael Mustian, CFP®
Wise Way Advisors

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pulse360?
Pulse360 is an all-in-one meeting documentation & communication software created by a financial advisor for financial advisors. It's time you stop using a hodge-podge of tech and processes not built for your practice. 
Can I try Pulse360 for free?
Yes. You can try Pulse360 free for 30 (thirty) days. No restrictions on the features or users. However, since we offer 90-day money back guarantee, we recommend you subscribe above and take time to fully evaluate how you can save over 50% of your time with notes and communicating your advice to your clients.  
Is there a discount for XYPN, AGC or other similar groups?
Please email us at info@pulse360.com to provide you with group level pricing - if available. If your group is not part of our program, please email us and them to have a conversation started. 
Do the subscriptions renew automatically?
Yes. The billing happens every month automagically. You are not tied in a contract and thus can cancel anytime. We hope you find value to not cancel, of course. 
Come on, why another software? 
With over two decades of experience, our founder, Anand saw that advisors and their teams do not have a single solution to handle documentation & communication needs around meetings. Sending a simple follow-up email is a headache and usually advisors are backlogged two weeks. With Pulse360, our aim is to allow you to be super efficient and deliver your advice to your clients in minutes rather than weeks. Your value is in your advice. We want you to capture it. 
Why do I need you? We have a CRM.
We think CRMs are central to your practice and are your daily workhorse for tasks and workflows. Pulse360 is your daily workhorse for inputting your meeting notes, emailing follow-ups to your clients/prospects and we added some magic so you can automate those tasks and workflows in the CRMs. 
Is there a learning curve?
We strive to make Pulse360 as easy to use as possible. Saying that, since you would be moving from using a hodge-podge of tech/processes, there will be an investment of time from you initially to set it up the way your practice runs. It is fully customizable for you and thus, you will just have to think on how to systemize your practice. We are here to do 1 on 1 walkthroughs. 
I still have questions. 
You can email us at info@pulse360.com. Or alternatively, schedule a demo by clicking this link. 

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