Systematized Client Reviews

Using a hodge-podge of tech/process for client reviews is not sustainable

You are spending at least 50-minutes per meeting going through past notes, preparing agenda, organizing handwritten notes and sending an email follow-up to your clients. Do this in 10-minutes with a repeatable and scalable client review system.
Handwritten Notes
Paper is inefficient. Take your handwritten notes in a centralized system. Instantly available to you anywhere in the world.
Email Follow-up
Don't get backlogged writing client follow-up. You can email a follow-up to your client or prospect in 5-minutes.

Where does your time go?

Working manually eats up your time without you even knowing.

Get back your time with a repeatable and scalable client review system.

What to discuss

Time flies. At least 25-minutes is wasted as you search past notes and put an agenda together.  And you still may have things fall through the cracks cause you missed the note from 12-months ago.

We have been there. Now you can exactly know what to discuss in seconds. And prepare an agenda in 5-minutes. Repeatable and scalable process built for your practice.
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Remove 4 steps with handwritten notes

After you finish taking your notes on regular paper, that has to be handed off,  "digitized" by scanning, naming the file and organizing it in your file system. What a waste of time, increased chances of errors and inherent delays. Yuck.

Get rid of those steps and eliminate any chance of errors. With our built-in digital notepad, it is automatically filed, organized and instantly available to your team. No delays.

Email client follow-ups

For every meeting, writing client follow-ups from scratch is a time suck. You are not writing a novel, but you are still wasting time and brain power.

WIth note templates, you can send a highly customized client follow-up in 5-minutes. Other advisors are already doing this and they no longer take work home on the weekends.
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"streamlining my workflows"

"Streamlining my workflows and automating some client communication."
Josh Stubbolo
Family Legacy Financial Solutions

Systematize Your Client Reviews- Start your free trial right away

Getting started is easy with our 1-on-1 onboarding customized to you.
Pulse360 Founder Anand Sheth

Let's discuss how to make your firm efficient

We built Pulse360 using our two decades of experience in the financial advisory world helping financial advisors grow and scale their practices.

Let's connect to see how your firm can systematize and be ready to scale without the growing pains.

Systematize Your Client Reviews - Start your free trial right away

Getting started is easy with our 1-on-1 onboarding customized to you.
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