Your Meeting Notes Organized

Financial Advisors, things falling through the cracks is not a good look. Don't worry about that anymore

You will trip up by not having ONE system to search the meeting notes you capture about your client's goals, investment preferences, your advice etc.
 We got you covered.
Granularly Organized
First time ever, you can tag individual meeting notes for organizational nirvana.
Search in Seconds
Instantly pull up any information that is captured in your meeting notes. Always be in the know.

Can you find your meeting notes when it counts?

Searching through disparate systems is unsustainable and will trip you up.

Never drop something through the cracks - again.

Full picture for your entire team

Your meeting notes are the lifeblood of your practice. Having meetings notes in emails, Word/Excel, PDFs, CRM or your head, is a mess for you and your team.

Easily add your meeting notes to Pulse360. A single hub for meeting notes. And yes, they automatically sync to your CRM.

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Granular Organization

You capture granular information from your clients. Just storing that is not enough.

You need a system to organize the meeting notes granularly. You can easily apply topics & tags to individual meeting notes - so you can never misfile the minutiae.

Search in Seconds

Your clients need to feel that you remember everything about them and their financial complexities. Information and being able to pull it up in seconds is the key. With meeting notes in 5 or 6 different systems, this is impossible.

Using ONE system, combined with our powerful search filters, you can find that needle in a haystack in seconds. Your clients will know you are always on top of things.
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"streamlining my workflows"

"Streamlining my workflows and automating some client communication."
Josh Stubbolo
Family Legacy Financial Solutions

Never let things fall through cracks - Start your free trial right away

Getting started is easy with our 1-on-1 onboarding customized to you.
Pulse360 Founder Anand Sheth

Let's discuss how to make your firm efficient

We built Pulse360 using our two decades of experience in the financial advisory world helping financial advisors grow and scale their practices.

Let's connect to see how your firm can systematize and be ready to scale without the growing pains.

Never let things fall through cracks - Start your free trial right away

Getting started is easy with our 1-on-1 onboarding customized to you.
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