Convert prospects into clients

Financial Advisors, fee-only is not a differentiator anymore.

As echoed by Kitces. You need to stand-out to prospects. But how?
Send a Follow-up
Send a detailed follow-up email 5-minutes after the first meeting.
Connect Again
Automatically create tasks so you can check-in with  them without fail.

How do you stand-out to your prospects?

Your prospects have a choice - from low-cost online services to 100's of financial advisors. Fancy websites are not going to cut it.

Give Yourself a Competitive Edge

Wow them by sending an agenda

Show your prospects that you are on top of it by sending a customized agenda. Sending an agenda shows your professionalism. You may think creating an agenda takes too long. It does if you are using manual processes.

You can create highly customized agendas in under 2 minutes using our automation.
Sending an agenda shows your professionalism.
client summary by financial advisor pulse360

Give your prospects value

What would you think of a professional sending you a meeting summary within an hour of your meeting? Impressive, right?

You too can do that using our repeatable system. And repeatedly do it in 5-minutes.

Automatically create follow-up tasks

After sending the follow-up email, create a task to follow-up with them. In the manual world, you will  login to your CRM and create this.

Eliminate the double work. With our automation, the task is created in your Redtail CRM, Wealthbox CRM or Saleforce CRM automagically.
automatically create tasks in crms financial advisor pulse360

"streamlining my workflows"

"Streamlining my workflows and automating some client communication."
Josh Stubbolo
Family Legacy Financial Solutions

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You too can systematize your practice so you can convert more prospects

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Getting started is easy with our 1-on-1 onboarding customized to you.
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