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Founded: 2019 in Riverside, CA by Anand Sheth (CEO) and James Hill (CTO)
Company Type: Subscription based software designed exclusively for Financial Advisors
Team Size: Remote team of 4 full-time and 9 part-time 
Company Address: 3499 Tenth Street, Riverside, CA 92501

Background - The Challenge For Financial Advisors

If technology less powerful than our smartphones can put a man on the moon, why are today’s financial advisors still in the dark ages when it comes to automation? To succeed in this complex regulatory environment (where shrinking margins and high client expectations are becoming the norm) advisors need to find ways to work more efficiently.
Our Solution - Software Designed by - and for - Financial Advisors
With 20 years’ plus experience in the financial advisory sector CEO and co-founder Anand Sheth identified a specific workflow lag: The excessive time it takes to create accurate, compliant post-meeting summaries and documentation.

Alongside expert software designer and co-founder James Hill, he set out to solve this problem. The result: A new, innovative technology that streamlines key workflow processes.

The patent-pending software provides a standalone solution yet integrates seamlessly with existing CRM systems. As a small startup we have a big aim: To help financial advisors overcome the operational challenges holding them back and safeguard their much-needed advisory service. Our goal is to make them at least 50% more productive by creating technology that works the way they do with technology they already use.

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