Financial Advisors, feel accomplished, not backlogged

Be on your A-game and wow your clients by streamlining your meeting prep, notes, and delivering lightning-fast meeting summaries.
Salesforce CRM, Salentica & XLR8 integrates with Pulse360Salentica integrates with Pulse360XLR8 integrates with Pulse360Practifi integration with Pulse360 - software for financial advisorsPreciseFP integrated into Pulse360 - software for financial advisors

Don't do double work with our seamless integrations

Salesforce CRM, Salentica & XLR8 integrates with Pulse360

Be better prepared, faster.

To be on your A-game, it all starts with always having a pulse on everything about the client before the actual meeting. Now, you and your clients can go into the meeting well-prepared - knowing you didn't cut any corners in prep.

Never forget anything

With powerful search capability, there is no chance for you to miss anything about a client.

Wow your clients with professional agendas

Easily and consistently prepare & send professional looking personalized agendas to wow your clients and prospects.

Don't get caught off-guard ever again

Simple system to store all of your next meeting discussion points. Pull it up in seconds.

Separate agendas for you and for your clients

Add your internal non-client facing notes on the advisor agenda. Client agenda will automatically not show those.
Sending an agenda shows your professionalism.
"Saves me lots of time on repetitive tasks and similar information that needs to be communicated. It has really sped up my client review agenda process."
Martha Williams - Financial Advisor using Pulse360

Martha Williams

Williams Wealth Services

Consistently send professional agendas to wow your clients and prospects

You or your clients no longer need to go into the meeting unprepared

Notes during the meeting doesn't have to create a bottleneck

Now you can drop the hodge-podge of how you take notes during the meeting. You can handwrite notes, search for them, draw on charts, type in meeting notes - all in a single place.

No more "where's my handwritten notes?"

Instead of paper, use an iPad to take handwritten notes directly in Pulse360. Easily find them under the client and meetings.

Make it visual for clients

You can paste charts in and use the pencil to draw on them to make it more visual for your clients. Automatically saved for later reference.

Cut four steps out

Waiting for your notes, scanning paper notes, naming the file and saving in the client folder - all in the past. Handwritten notes automatically organized for you.

Streamline typing your notes

If you prefer typing during the meeting, drop Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Do it in Pulse360 and with a single button click, it syncs to your Redtail, Wealthbox or Salesforce CRM.
financial advisors handwritten notes paper
"It’s taking me anywhere between 50%–75% LESS time to do meeting notes"
Jonathan Howard, Financial Advisor using Pulse360

Jonathan Howard

SeaCure Advisors

Don't create a bottleneck during the meeting

Take meeting notes in a single place - be it handwritten or typed notes

Wow your clients to get more referrals by sending lightining-fast meeting summaries

As a professional, sending meeting summaries is important for clients to have a pulse of how you are helping them. Stop reinventing the wheel again and again. Focus on "wowing" your clients, not a blank typing screen.

Lightning-fast meeting summaries

A systematic approach to creating and sending meeting summaries for your entire practice. In no time, you will be sending summaries immediately after the meeting.

Stop re-inventing the wheel

Every meeting summary, you can keep typing from scratch. Or save a ridiculous amount of time by using baseline templates to craft highly personalized recommendations.

Automate tasks & workflows

Stop working so hard. Eliminate multiple steps after every meeting by automatically creating tasks and triggering your CRM workflows.
Show your value
Create and send different deliverables - from annual summaries to one-page financial plan summary.
client summary by financial advisor pulse360
"I used to take work home on the weekends. I don't anymore."
Financial Advisor using Pulse360 to send meeting summaries

Rich Oring

New Century Financial Group

Wow your clients by consistently sending a meeting summary.

Apply a consistent and repeatable process to preparing & sending out compliant client meeting summaries.

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