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Stop wasting 50% of your time. Use the most powerful & scalable meeting platform for your advisory practice

Deliver top-notch client experience in half the time by streamlining meeting prep, notes and professional summaries. Integrates with your CRM to automatically start tasks, workflows and syncs notes. 
Information disorganization handicaps a Ritz-Carlton experience. Get organized and shine with Pulse360
No more things falling through the cracks, your meeting notes everywhere

Say goodbye to:

  • falling behind with meeting notes
  • things falling through the cracks
  • multiple clicks to create tasks/workflows in your CRM
Create meeting summaries from meeting recorder and transcript using CaptureGenius - a Pulse360 technology
“engine for client communication”
Yohance - A financial advisor that uses Pulse360
“Pulse has been a game changer in helping us document notes/advice/strategy in a concise manner that clients expect! Pulse is our engine for client communication and advice. We cannot scale advice-based relationships w/o it. "?
Yohance Harrison
Financial Advisor

How it works

Streamline your meetings with a systematic approach
Financial Advisors, capture your meeting notes. Handwritten notes, typed notes, dictation, video notes
Step 1
Capture notes from client interactions
Capture client details seamlessly through handwriting, typing, dictation or audio/video recording.
Financial Advisors, organize your meeting notes and create tasks or workflows in your Redtail, Wealthbox or Salesforce CRM
Step 2
Organize and act on your notes
Dumping notes in a CRM isn't true organization. Our Topics, Subtopics, and Tags offer precise organization. Task and workflow automation eliminate double work, helping you scale and track what matters most to clients.
Financial Advisors, document your meeting and send a professional meeting summary
Step 3
Wow your clients with communication
Show clients you've listened by creating personalized, professional documentation—from agendas and summaries to client-value documents and more.

Nail meeting prep, capture notes & send non-AI looking summary

Your meetings are your spotlight moments. Awe your clients with your level of meeting organization. 
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Wow Factor

Transform advice documentation from headache to referral generation

No more headaches trying to get details organized. Quickly track and document clients' values, vision, and beliefs to create impactful advice that turns satisfied clients into loyal referrers
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“It's our second brain.”
Brian Schlosser - a financial advisor using Pulse360
"Pulse360 is slowly becoming my relationship management tool. Salesforce is great and is needed, but Pulse360 helps display the personality of our relationships versus providing just facts. It's our second brain."
Brian Schlosser
Financial Advisor
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