Show clients your value

You can create an annual summary of 58 meetings in less than 20-seconds

Your clients forget the value you create throughout the year. How then do you communicate your value?
Differentiate Yourself
Stand apart from any other professionals. You can consistently deliver next-level service.
Increase Referrals
By consistently showing everything else you do for the clients, it helps to increase chances of referrals.

How do you communicate your value
beyond wealth management?

You do more than wealth management. But your clients think of you as a "money" manager.

Show them all the "other" work you do for them all year

Communicate Your Value

According to the "Forgetting Curve" research, we forget 50% of the information after just 1-hour. You don't need research to know this instinctively.  Help your clients remember by sending  an annual summary of everything you do for them.

As you will see in the video below, you can now use automation to  create summaries in less than 20-seconds.

Differentiate Yourself

Majority of clients think all financial advisors are the same. And every financial advisors promises amazing service - so there is no real differentiation.

Let actions differentiate you. Actually deliver that next-level of service. And you don't need to hire an army of people to do this. Automation is here.

Increase Referrals

Let clients know everything else that you do for them, over and above, wealth management. They will recognize  your value when they socialize with their friends or co-workers.
financial advisors get more referrals

"a home run"

michael marino
"Mike, those emails that you send recapping our meeting are fantastic. I don’t always write everything we discuss down so having you send them to me is a home run. Thank you.”
A client of Michael Marino, CFP®
The Financial Planning Center

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Getting started is easy with our 1-on-1 onboarding customized to you.
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