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Mark Stern - Financial Advisor using Pulse360
Mark Stern,
Stone Ridge Investments
"I’m really pleased with what Pulse360 lets me do. I don’t use the AI -saving that for later- but it’s helping me drive client engagement like nothing else I’ve done. Clients love the confirmation emails that get done in seconds. And the meeting summaries are a big hit. Clients actually follow up now and send me documents I request."
Chris Rondinelli, CFP®,
Seven Fields Wealth Management
"I actually won a prospect because of the Pulse360 meeting summary. They told me during the prospecting process that they would meet with their former advisor, and never understood anything they met about. When I showed them a meeting summary (and actually did one in Pulse360 during our prospecting meeting), they specifically mentioned that was one of the reasons they signed up with me!"
Brian Schlosser - a financial advisor using Pulse360
Brian Schlosser,
SFP Enterprises, Inc.
"Pulse360 is slowly becoming my relationship management tool. Salesforce is great and is needed, but Pulse360 helps display the personality of our relationships versus providing just facts. We have many people in our firm serving relationships in different roles. As the person leading the relationships, I am able to disseminate the subjective information related to each relationship so that team members with less contact have a more intuitive understanding of the personality, desires, and fears of the client. This information will help all of us serve our client's better."
Lori Crilley - LC (1).jpg
Lori Crilley,
LC Financial LLC
"It helps me achieve better due diligence with clients and a more streamlined system for client interface. Save time and include better records to provide a better experience for my clients and for history."
David Warshaw - the WealthPlan LLC - 1
David Warshaw,
The WealthPlan LLC
"Pulse360 helps me deliver meeting summary emails fast and efficiently to clients."
Matt Elliott - Pulse Financial Planning-using-pulse360-bw
Matt Elliott,
Pulse Financial Planning
"Pulse 360 helps me create a professional-looking financial plan recap summary after semi-annual meetings with clear next steps and future agenda items. This also helps me keep track of topics we are working on for the client and all my notes on that topic in one place. Prior to Pulse 360, I was keeping my notes in a word document, and editing a separate word document to create the client deliverable. This got difficult to keep organized as I grew my client base."
Dan Reese,
Avery Wealth, Inc
"I love what you're doing. I'm telling other advisors, you have to use it. It's going to change your life as far as meetings. And it's going to make you feel much more organized. And the other thing it does, I believe, is it forces you to be more systematic from a standpoint. Of what you're doing with clients. And I think that is just huge. Because outside of the time savings it gets you thinking more about deliverables. What do we really do for clients? And how can we really lay that out and show them when they're new. It all kind of fits together. We haven't even touched everything we can do. We have been at a high-level usage. Our communication with our clients - we get really positive feedback from clients. Clients really love our summaries. That builds trust."
Rick Irwin - Trinity Wealth Partners-using-pulse360-bw
Rick Irwin,
Trinity Wealth Partners
“It helps me create consistent agendas & meeting follow-ups and stick to a consistent process. Having all a client’s information at my fingertips. Having a repeatable, consistent process shows that you are organized, and having all the notes centralized helps show that you know your client and helps to scale up."
Shanna Tingom - Heritage Financial Strategies-using-pulse360-bw
Shanna Tingom,
Heritage Financial Strategies
"It makes it quick and easy to follow-up with clients and prospects so that the process keeps moving! It's always the best when I can save time and look impressive!"
William Miller - WM Wealth Planning-using-Pulse360-bw
William Miller,
WM Wealth Planning
"It helps me organize and agenda and provide valuable feedback, consistently and quickly."
Zachary Barton,
Barton Financial Group LLC
"Pulse360 helps me stay organized by communicating with clients before or after meetings. By making follow-ups to meetings quick and efficient, they actually get done."
Mo Luke,
Revival Wealth
"Pulse360 is the ultimate solution I've been searching for! It simplifies carrying forward notes for my client-family (SF Household) effortlessly. With its professional approach, I can track notes, ensure follow-through on commitments, and maintain a seamless flow of information. Pulse360 gets really close to what I've been needing in this "tool" I've been looking for, for a while now. I always pictured notes as living flowing elements, like our thoughts behave, but better since our memories are somewhat limiting and could be unreliable."
Craig DuVarney,
Craig DuVarney, CFP
"Pulse helps me accomplish efficiency."
Jeremy Gove - Stonebridge Insurance and Wealth Management-using-pulse360
Jeremy Gove,
Stonebridge Insurance and Wealth Management
"Pulse360 saves time with service updates where the message is the same to multiple clients. I like saving notes by topic and sending clients and prospects summaries of our meetings to make sure we are on the same page. Great communication builds relationships."
Karen Roberts,
The Emerald Financial Group
"I love that all my emails look the same for my clients and my staff. and i love that we no longer have to manually read and add an activity to our CRM. The automatic population of activities is awesome!"
Katelin Kalik,
LC Financial Service
"It is my number 1 recommended software to other advisors. Notes, Notes, Notes, documentation. It streamlines my process. My old process was taking notes and typing them into my CRM as soon as possible. Now I just take the notes and don't have to recreate my verbiage every time. It allows me to be more consistent. It saves me time. I never have enough time in my day and anywhere I can streamline is great."
Keyana Russ,
Four Ponds Financial Planning
"I use it to create our summary financial plan and action list report. Having the notes library and the the document template already formatted reduced the time it takes to do generate our summary reports versus using Word. The merge fields save time as well."
Brian O'Neill,
Winged Wealth Management and Financial Planning LLC
"It allows me to scale as a Solo. It imposes discipline on process. It drives process thinking. Best of all, it saves time! I want to serve my clients as best I can, but save as much of my time for my family as I can."
Sara Williams,
Synergy Independent Financial Solutions
“Pulse360 helps accomplish consolidated client communication timeline and content review. Our firm mission is providing peace of mind through clarity of intention and action. We create and send an agenda before each client meeting or phone conference as well as a detailed summary after the appointment to help make sure we have identified our clients concerns accurately and are implementing solutions according to their instructions. We also use Pulse to send out client account action summaries for transactions and updates as a firm-level confirmation that can be used for compliance support."
Derek Hamilton - Elser Financial Planning-using-pulse360-bw
Derek Hamilton,
Elser Financial Planning, Inc.
"Pulse360 helps us quickly develop meeting prep and followup materials while maintaining quality and consistency in work by various team members. It's hard to achieve all three of speed, quality and consistency, especially when you have team members with differing levels of experience involved in the process of preparing, leading and following up a meeting. Pulse360 stitches that all together."
Laura Rotter,
True Abundance Advisor
“It allows me to send and track agendas and follow-up emails. Helps me feel organized.”
Chris Rondinelli,
Seven Fields Wealth Management
"Pulse saves me time and allows me to scale my service."
Justin Clark,
Eagle Retirement Group
“Pulse360 helps us keep our client communications simple and consistent. It’s important to us because providing the best client experience is our goal.”
Anna Vollenweider,
Level Up Life Planning LLC
"Streamline financial planning process for team. Compliance with meeting summaries. Assign tasks so things don't fall through the cracks. Communicate clearly with clients to avoid confusion and assign outstanding items to them as well. Follow compliance rules, stay on top of tasks, work well with team."
Bob Rall,
Rall Capital Management
"It allows me to capture client notes and activities in a way that saves me time when entering and an easier way to search for important points in a client record. Much more presentable than the CRM. Saving time = more profitability. Better client experience = clients who stick."
Yohance - A financial advisor that uses Pulse360
Yohance Harrison,
Money Script Wealth Mgmt.
“Pulse has been a game changer in helping us document notes/advice/strategy concisely that clients expect! Pulse is our engine for client communication and advice. We cannot scale advice-based relationships without it.”
Rich Oring,
New Century Financial Group
"I used to take work home on the weekends. I don't anymore."
Josh Stubbolo,
Family Legacy Financial Solutions
"Streamlining my workflows and automating some client communication."
Jonathan Howard,
SeaCure Advisors
"It makes taking meeting notes so much easier, faster and even enjoyable."
Laura Rotter,
True Abundance Advisors
"Time savings. Easy to put together nicely formatted agendas."
Quinn Arnold,
Arnold Mote Wealth Management
"Makes the process smoother and ensures we're not dropping the ball on critical items to clients."
Yohance - A financial advisor that uses Pulse360
Yohance Harrison,
Money Script Wealth Management
"Advice documentation is up 400% last quarter!"
Michael Mustian,
WiseWay Advisors, Member of XYPlanning
"Holy Cow! This is phenomenal!"
David Dedman,
Lexington Wealth Management
"Just did a manager change for a client and Pulse Scheduled the workflow.....automagically! I love this feature!"
Martha Williams,
Williams Wealth Services
"Saves me lots of time on repetitive tasks and similar information that needs to be communicated. It has really sped up my client review agenda process."
John Chesbrough,
Trail Financial Planning
"I provide better service to my clients, and save my time in doing so."
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