Your goal: Retain Your Clients
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Connect Emotionally
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Capture Nuances
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Earn Trust
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Financial advisors, take your shorthand notes and convert it to meeting summary and CRM tasks in Redtail, Wealthbox and Salesforce with NoteGenius AI

Consistency and professionalism delivered

Systematize the creation of your agenda and meeting summary using automation, AI, and our template framework—no more wasting time doing it the old way. 

Let NoteGenius AI help you easily create polished agendas and summaries at scale and even integrate tasks into your CRM, whether it's Redtail, Wealthbox, or Salesforce.
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It's not about the numbers

As a financial advisor, the client's goals, dreams, and wishes are more important than numbers. With Pulse360, you can easily highlight those to bring the focus back to why clients hired you in the first place. 
Share a Bucket List Summary with your clients and see their eye's lighten up more than any returns
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Financial Advisors, share a bucket list with your clients so they know you are listening to them
Financial Advisors, show clients that you have been listening by highlighting their beliefs, visions and goals easily with Pulse360

Show clients you listen

Organizing all the nuances you capture when speaking with clients is hard. No more. With Pulse360, you have access to a powerful and easy organization system to capture all your clients' nuances. Then, with our templates, you can share your clients' goals, beliefs, values, and more.
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Trust is your currency

Trust isn't won with just a smile. To earn client's trust, you have to show them that you are on top of it — ALL of the time. Consistency builds trust

As a growing financial advisor, you need a dependable & scalable system to help deliver a next-level client experience that drives trust higher. Pulse360 helps you develop and execute systems that scale - from onboarding to follow-ups.
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Financial Advisors, build trust with your clients using Pulse360
“engine for client communication”
Yohance - A financial advisor that uses Pulse360
“Pulse has been a game changer in helping us document notes/advice/strategy in a concise manner that clients expect! Pulse is our engine for client communication and advice. We cannot scale advice-based relationships w/o it. "?
Yohance Harrison
Financial Advisor

Eliminate double work with our integrations

Redtail CRM integrates with Pulse360
Salesforce CRM, Salentica & XLR8 integrates with Pulse360
Pulse360 integrates with Nitrogen (formerly Riskalyze)
Salentica integrates with Pulse360
XLR8 integrates with Pulse360
Practifi integration with Pulse360 - software for financial advisors
PreciseFP integrated into Pulse360 - software for financial advisors

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