Financial Advisors, you “waste a ludicrous amount of time in meeting preps & follow-ups. If you just save 3-minutes a week, Pulse360 pays for itself in terms of ROI.” ✌️

Michael Kitces, Quote from @ XYPN Conference
Financial Advisors, waste a ludicrous amount of time. Michael Kitces said

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  • Yohance - A financial advisor that uses Pulse360
    Yohance Harrison
    Money Script Wealth Management
    "Pulse has been a game changer in helping us document notes/advice/strategy concisely that clients expect! Pulse is our engine for client communication and advice. We cannot scale advice-based relationships without it."
  • Keyana-Russ-Four-Ponds-Financial-Planning-using-pulse360
    Keyana Russ
    Four Ponds Financial Planning
    "I use it to create our summary financial plan and action list report. Having the notes library and the the document template already formatted reduced the time it takes to do generate our summary reports versus using Word. The merge fields save time as well."
  • Katelin-Kalik-LC-Financial-Service-using-pulse360
    Katelin Kalik
    LC Financial Service
    "It is my number 1 recommended software to other advisors. Notes, Notes, Notes, documentation. It streamlines my process. My old process was taking notes and typing them into my CRM as soon as possible. Now I just take the notes and don't have to recreate my verbiage every time. It allows me to be more consistent. It saves me time. I never have enough time in my day and anywhere I can streamline is great."
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