Handwritten Notes

Financial Advisors, handwriting on paper is not efficient for your practice.

Your handwritten notes. Instantly available in Redtail CRM.
Find Instantly
Add some contextual keywords and instantly find specific handwritten notes.
One Click Handoff
Notifiy your team when you are done taking hand written notes. Or they can check Redtail CRM. No need for formal handoff.

Paper notes are efficient for you. Not so for your practice.

Taking handwritten notes is important. You just don't have to use old technology, aka paper, to do so anymore.

Improve Your Practice Efficiency

Remove Four Steps

After you finish taking your notes on regular paper, that has to be handed off,  "digitized" by scanning, naming the file and organizing it in your file system. What a waste of time, increased chances of errors and inherent delays. Yuck.

Get rid of those steps and eliminate any chance of errors. With our built-in digital notepad, it is automatically filed, organized and instantly available to your team. No delays.
financial advisors handwritten notes process
financial advisors handwritten notes paper

Find Handwritten Notes Instantly

How much time do you waste looking for that nugget of information that you wrote down? The anniversary date or cost-basis. Yeah, tons of time.

By adding some keyword context to your handwritten notes in our software, you can pinpoint the exact handwritten note in seconds.

One Click Handoff

You don't need to draft an email or text or let your team know during a handoff that notes are complete.

Just use the built-in Notify feature and your team will get an email that your handwritten notes are ready for them to start work on. Simple.
financial advisors handwritten notes handoff notify v2

"streamlining my workflows"

"Streamlining my workflows and automating some client communication."
Josh Stubbolo
Family Legacy Financial Solutions

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Getting started is easy with our 1-on-1 onboarding customized to you.
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