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  • dan-reese-financial-advisor-using-pulse360-bw
    Dan Reese
    Avery Wealth
    I love what you're doing. I'm telling other advisors you have to use it. It's going to change your life as far as meetings. And it's going to make you feel much more organized. And the other thing it does, I believe, is it forces you to be more systematic from the standpoint of what you're doing with clients. And I think that is just huge. Because outside of the time savings, it gets you thinking more about deliverables. What do we really do for clients? And how can we really lay that out and show them when they're new. It all fits together.

    And we haven't even touched everything we can do. We have been at a high-level usage. Our communication with our clients - we get really positive feedback from clients. Clients really love our summaries. That builds trust. ?
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    Chris Rondinelli, CFP
    Seven Fields Wealth Management
    I actually won a prospect because of the Pulse360 meeting summary. They told me during the prospecting process that they would meet with their former advisor, and never understood anything they met about. When I showed them a meeting summary (and actually did one in Pulse360 during our prospecting meeting), they specifically mentioned that was one of the reasons they signed up with me!
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    Mo Luke
    Revival Wealth
    Pulse360 is the ultimate solution I've been searching for! It simplifies carrying forward notes for my client-family (SF Household) effortlessly. With its professional approach, I can track notes, ensure follow-through on commitments, and maintain a seamless flow of information. Pulse360 gets really close to what I've been needing in this "tool" I've been looking for, for a while now. I always pictured notes as living flowing elements, like our thoughts behave, but better since our memories are somewhat limiting and could be unreliable.
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