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Pulse360 and Wealthbox

Date: May 20, 2020

Pulse360 and Wealthbox: Integration that supports your business growth

As you know Pulse360 was designed with end-users firmly in mind. We set out to make your working life easier and more productive - which is why we’ve been proactive in ensuring that our software integrates seamlessly with other financial advisory systems you use. 

Naturally, this includes Wealthbox CRM - a tool that’s at the very heart of your operations. By combining the technology of Pulse360 and Wealthbox you have the perfect solution when it comes to alleviating time-wasting meeting documentation and having those populated within Wealthbox.

Wealthbox is a ‘best in class’ CRM

Wealthbox is one of the most popular ‘best-in-class’ web-based CRM systems for financial advisors - and an obvious choice to partner with. So we have.

Our integration with Wealthbox ensures that you can significantly streamline your daily operations and strengthen your advisor and customer relationships. Our alliance means you can maximize the value of Pulse360 and take your business to the next level. 

Pulse360 and Wealthbox will sync information 

Once the two systems are in sync Pulse360 will have access to data that’s relevant to your pre to post documentation meeting process. Other information e.g. social security info or account data will remain within Wealthbox. 

Which information will sync 

  • The direct connection between Pulse360 and Wealthbox syncs all client contact information including names, addresses, emails and dates of birth  
  • Future appointments - including dates and times will also sync. Review meeting information will transfer effortlessly over. 
  • Information will be synced almost instantaneously (with just a two minute refresh time delay - there to avoid crashes)
  • Once your meeting is over, your meeting notes get posted as ‘notes’ in Wealthbox

See the image below of how your meeting notes created in Pulse360 will be added into Wealthbox's meeting description field automatically.

Notes added into Wealthbox CRM:

Information that won’t sync

Sensitive data related to holdings and transactions - social security information or any other account-related data will not sync thereby keeping this data private within your Wealthbox CRM.

 Pulse360’s Built-in Digital Notepad

From June/July users will be able to access our digital notepad. Handwritten notes will place a link directly into Wealthbox. When the link is clicked the digital notepad will open in Pulse360. 

Pulse360 Built in Digital Notepad

About Wealthbox

Wealthbox is made and operated by Starburst Labs, Inc and is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. The software launched in 2014 and is known for its modern design and powerful yet simple user-experience, ideal for FAs of all sizes. 

It provides a CRM to manage client information and store important data from phone calls to financial information. The software also allows users to tag and group contacts so you can find and communicate with prospects and clients more effectively. 

Various plans are available from Basic to Premier, with different options to suit different sized businesses. Wealthbox also integrates with many other partners e.g. eMoney and partner app extensions including Google Chrome. 

Our focus is on your practice’s efficiency

Now that FA’s can no longer differentiate via products or the way they manage money, the future differentiator will be how you serve clients with the emphasis on offering them a great experience. In order to deliver that experience, your software systems need to work in harmony.  

Designing our software so that it integrates with other leading systems shows our commitment to being an open platform - giving you the opportunity to create a complete business hub for your financial advisory business.

Pulse360 not only integrates with Wealthbox but other popular relationship management software systems. And we’re always on the lookout for suitable new partners to integrate with. 

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