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financial advisors immersive meetings
July 21, 2021

Best Practice - Immersive Meetings

Financial Advisors, during a meeting with a client or prospect, how do you explain complex topics? If you are like most advisors, you are drawing on paper. What if you could make it more immersive and interactive with the client? You can with Pulse360's built-in white boarding feature. You don't need to spend thousands upon […]
setting goals and sticking to them financial advisor returns
July 21, 2021

Financial Advisors: Quit Talking about Returns. Start Talking About Financial Goals

When financial advisors try to “justify” their fees, the first thing many turn to is portfolio returns. On the surface, it makes sense. “If you pay me this fee, I’ll help you get this much back in the form of improved returns.” However, portfolio returns are just one narrow dimension of the value you provide. […]
topsy turvey financial term
July 20, 2021

Tuesday Comic - Topsy Turvey

Making your day brighter through comics.
financial advisors productive cash needs
July 14, 2021

Best Practice - Cash Needs - Be Proactive

Financial Advisors, during a meeting with a client, you may discover a future cash need for the client. You capture details and also have an idea on which account you will take the funds from. When the time comes and the client calls you to request the funds - how fast can you pull that […]
working capital financial advisor funny comic lazy
July 13, 2021

Tuesday Comic - Working Capital

Making your day brighter through comics
Document your trades for financial advisors
July 7, 2021

Best Practice - Documenting your trades

Financial Advisors, you could just jot down your trades. However, if you could this in a systematic, scalable way it would be beneficial for your practice and clients. With Pulse360, there are at least 3 ways that you can input trade documentation and have that automatically create tasks and send the notes to Redtail CRM, […]
401-Kave plan
July 6, 2021

Tuesday Comic - 401-Kave

Making your day brighter through comics.
no logo Pulse360 CPA Tax time referral advisor
June 30, 2021

How to Build an Effective Organization System for Tracking Tax Impact

Tax season can be a stressful time for anyone who works in a financial service position. For financial advisors, tracking down every single transaction or trade you did for every single client you have to accurately measure the tax impact of those transactions can be a lot of work. I’ve found that taking a proactive […]
I feel a recession coming comic
June 24, 2021

Tuesday Comic - Recession

Making your day brighter through comics
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