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October 27, 2021

How to Strengthen Your Team with Ongoing Employee Training

An often overlooked but surprisingly effective way to improve productivity and strengthen company loyalty is providing ongoing employee training opportunities. Financial advisory teams can benefit enormously from implementing a culture of ongoing learning that allows each member of their staff to discover and pursue their career goals. Here’s how it can benefit your business and […]
Financial Advisor coin flip comic
October 26, 2021

Tuesday Comic

Making your day brighter with comics.
Financial Advisors, applying UX law: Parkinso's Law to practice management
October 20, 2021

How UX Laws Help Financial Advisors Build the Best Client Experience

The laws of user experience (UX) are a set of simple laws about user behavior that guide how web designers build and optimize web pages. By keeping these laws in mind, designers can make websites that are easy and intuitive to use while also subtly encouraging the behavior that they’re after, whether that’s closing a […]
Financial Advisors,increase your liquidity
October 19, 2021

Tuesday Comic - Liquidity

Making your day brighter with comics
financial advisor automation advantage schedule advisor
October 13, 2021

Automation for Financial Advisors – How to Improve the Scheduling Process

Financial advisors can benefit from automation in just about every aspect of their practice. Even so, less than half of financial advisory firms are taking advantage of the software that’s out there. The slow adoption of tech in the financial services sector is largely thought to be the result of old, difficult to upgrade technology […]
Financial Planter comic funny advice planner
October 12, 2021

Tuesday Comic - Financial Planter

Making your day brighter with comics.
September 22, 2021

Funeral Services: How A Financial Advisor’s Value Goes Beyond Returns or Wealth Management

While so much of the conversation about a financial advisor’s value is focused on portfolio returns or wealth management services, we do far more than just help our client’s bottom line. Every day, we’re helping our clients navigate difficult financial situations, providing guidance and advice when a client gets worried about market downturns, and otherwise […]
Financial Advisors, remember everything around file prep for a meeting. Practice Management Best Practices
September 21, 2021

Best Practice - Be Ready

Financial Advisors, how many times have you had a client meeting where you forgot to ask for the latest statement? Or forgot that they were holding another account somewhere else? It happens to the best of us. There is only so much we can remember. And trying to keep notes around these nuances is time […]
September 21, 2021

Tuesday Comics - Two Cents

Making your day brighter through comics.
girl just want to have funds
September 14, 2021

Tuesday Comic - Girls just want to have Funds

Making your day brighter through comics.
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