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4 reasons why Prospects Will Hire you and Not the Next Advisor

Date: April 9, 2024

Potential clients aren’t interested in your products. Nor will they decide to work with you based on your expertise or your experience. These ‘hard’ skills are skills all advisors should have in their toolbox. And, necessary though they are, they won't serve to differentiate you in the minds of your prospects. 

To win over new clients you need to show that - yes, you are ‘smart’ with numbers - but more importantly, you’re the type of person they can trust. 

Whether they’ll choose to hire you or the competition basically boils down to the following 4 reasons:

1. They like you as a person 

When you first meet with potential clients they won’t be considering your qualifications - they’ll focus on getting to know you as a person. So give prospects an insight into who you are. Tell them why you became an advisor and how you’ve helped clients in the past. 

Shine a light on yourself as an authentic human being. Many advisors struggle with this. It will help you to make sure you’re using the following techniques when you’re with clients:

  • Use metaphors and analogies to paint word pictures in prospects’ minds
  • Simplify concepts using stories and anecdotes 
  • Ask open-ended and rhetorical questions 
  • Speak with confidence and passion
  • Use the right amount of  eye contact
  • Listen more than you talk so you truly understand prospects’ goals
  • Focus on making prospects feel special

These are ‘soft’ skills and you don’t get taught them in college - however they’re crucial to your success

2. They can sense your enthusiasm

Showing prospects numbers and charts or reeling off detailed product information won’t impress prospects. Your charm and enthusiasm will. If they can see you’re truly enthusiastic about working with them, this enthusiasm will galvanize them into action.

Everyone wants to deal with upbeat, likeable people. Prospects will warm to you if you exhibit a positive, ‘can do’ attitude. In your first meeting set the bar high for them goal-wise, and be confident that you can make these goals happen. 

3. You are the specialist in their niche

It’s important to focus on serving a niche, since this narrows down your target market. Not only will you enjoy your job more - but being a specialist means certain prospects in that area are more likely to hire you. 

If you haven’t already, take some time to pin down your target market. What unique areas of expertise do you have? Who do you feel most comfortable working with? Do you share a professional background with a certain group of people? 

Were you a teacher in a previous career? If so you’ll have a lot to talk about with members of the teaching profession. Maybe you have shared interests with a group of people - do you play golf or attend a certain church? Then this could be your prospective niche.

By developing your expertise for working with clients in a niche area you will become familiar with their specific problems. Then you can gear your business model around dealing with their needs.

4. You make them feel special 

Once the meeting’s over as prospects ponder your offer they’ll be thinking about how you made them feel. If your soft skills are up to scratch the battle’s half won. 

Now it’s time to nail down your suitability with your superior post meeting service. Send them a professional, personalized follow up summary - in double-quick time - and they might decide not to bother with the next meeting - because you just sealed the deal!

In this super-competitive industry most financial advisors not only sell the same products but look and sound the same. You need to make yourself unique or you will be unremarkable and unmemorable. Prospects decide early on whether you’re the right fit for them – so focus on your ‘soft’ skills. These will lift you up and differentiate you from the competition. 

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