360 View - Meeting Intelligence Dashboard

Financial Advisors, track meeting notes you still need to complete

We automatically keep track of it for you so you can be on top of it.
What's on Agenda?
1-click and see what's on the agenda for an upcoming meeting.
After the Meeting
At a glance view of your meetings and see if you have added your notes in.

Have a system to help you be consistent & less stressed

Art of stress-free productivity is to write things down from your head. You can take stock and prioritize accordingly.

With 360 View, you will be on top of things.

Meetings Pre-populated

You shuold not need to do double work by having  to check or create events in your CRM and ours.

We automaically pull any upcoming meetings from your Redtail CRM, Wealthbox CRM or Salesforce CRM. You can view your upcoming  or past meetings from our 360 View Dashboard.
financial-advisors track meeting notes
whats on agenda searching financial advisors

What's on your agenda?

Stop wasting time searching your Word files, or emails for your meeting agendas. Prior to your meeting, you don't need to ping your team to help you.

With 1-click, you can see what's on the agenda for the upcoming meeting.  Internal notes, housekeeping notes, what you have requested from clients. All in one place and prepared by anyone in your practice.

After the meeting

You are busy , jumping from one meeting to next. How do you track which client meetings you have inputed notes in? And which remains?

We track it for you automatically. In the 360 View, you have an at-a-glance view of your past meetings and see if any notes were entered. You can also see if a meeting follow-up was sent out.
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