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Frequently Asked Questions

Looks great, but when would we use this in our practice?

As part of your meetings, there are numerous nuggets of detailed information that you will have to store to use for the next planning cycle. Keep them organized in Pulse360 and you can bring those up before you start your next planning cycle in seconds.  

Does PULSE360 replace my current planning software

Pulse360 is not financial planning software - so you’ll continue to use your current software to plan and analyze.

Pulse360 software enables you to prepare accurate, client-friendly summaries based on the output of your planning software. You’ll quickly be able to create and store your advice centrally so your team can search and access it. No more having to search through PDFs or trawl through other software systems to find your recommendations.

Why can't I just use my planning software to keep these details?

You can continue to use the financial planning software to store such details. However, in our experience, not everyone in your team may be trained to open up a planning software to locate the advice.

It is too easy to miss critical details when your team is running at light speed to serve your clients. By storing your advice in Pulse360, your entire team can instantly see the exact advice delivered and be on the same page when a client calls/emails. We have designed Pulse360 to enable easy and quick access to specific information you need before you start running scenarios in your financial planning software. 

I already store my notes in my CRM - why change to Pulse360?

Pulse360 is not a CRM. Typically the notes you enter in a CRM are short-hand because you and your team want to quickly get those notes in. Using Pulse360, you have the power of short-hand to convert to client facing notes via the micro-templates. This avoids you having to do the same work twice if you want to then send out a follow-up based on your "short-hand" notes. Pulse360 currently integrates with Redtail, Wealthbox, and Salesforce.

Your CRM is a mainstay of your practice. But CRMs, however powerful, can’t perform the kind of tasks Pulse360 is designed to do: Document and communicate one to one, at scale.

Combine your CRM with the power of Pulse360 and you will be able to power up your notes and create a follow-up Annual Summary in 30 seconds or less.

I dictate my notes - is Pulse360 the right system for my practice?

Copytalk and Mobile Assistant are great tools and can form the basis of quality documentation. Pulse360 is ideal in this situation - a member of your team can use your words to create client-facing advice and send follow-ups in just minutes.

We’re a paperless office - does Pulse360 support this?

It’s great that you’ve achieved paperless status! It's a goal for all financial advisors. Just because our demos feature paper documents that doesn’t mean you need to resort to paper. Simply save PDFs instead. There’s no need to generate physical documents, simply use the software’s built-in search function to find the information you need. No need to print.

Before I go ahead can you show me exactly what Pulse360 can do or my practice?

As a practice manager for over 20 years, CEO Anand Sheth prepared and ran thousands of financial plans using a wide variety of financial planning software - including Proprietary, Naviplan, MoneyGuidePro, Personal Capital, and Excel.

Based on his wealth of experience he began to see cracks in the workflow system. He realized that not having a tax return is the smaller problem - it was just a lagging indicator. And it is not about the team dropping the ball or if a client has sent that in or not. The bigger problem is that relevant information is not surfacing when needed - a leading indicator.

What if the financial planning analyst didn't even know that it would be required for a particular scenario you wanted run - because that detail was buried in a meeting you had a year or 2 ago. There is simply not an easy way to pull up all of the nuggets of information from past meetings. A second meeting will be scheduled. Not only does this waste your time - but puts a big question-mark about your professionalism in your clients’ minds.

This happens more times than one may think and not just across tax returns. Social Security statements, Pension Statements, etc. As a business owner you can’t ignore these red flags.

Pulse360 allows you to store and organize your information so anyone in your team - not just you - can find it in a hurry. Having the ability to harness and use that information will transform the way you work. Not only will you work more productivity - but you’ll exceed your clients’ expectations.

Where is all the data stored?

All the information within Pulse360 is stored on Amazon’s AWS service. Read more about Security here.

Once synchronization between your CRM and Pulse360 is set up, your notes are automatically added to your CRM (Redtail, Wealthbox or Salesforce).

I have another question. 

We would be happy to answer any and all questions. Please reach out to us by clicking this link. Alternatively, please send your questions to 

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