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October 27, 2021

How to Strengthen Your Team with Ongoing Employee Training

An often overlooked but surprisingly effective way to improve productivity and strengthen company loyalty is providing ongoing employee training opportunities. Financial advisory teams can benefit enormously from implementing a culture of ongoing learning that allows each member of their staff to discover and pursue their career goals. Here’s how it can benefit your business and […]
Financial Advisors, applying UX law: Parkinso's Law to practice management
October 20, 2021

How UX Laws Help Financial Advisors Build the Best Client Experience

The laws of user experience (UX) are a set of simple laws about user behavior that guide how web designers build and optimize web pages. By keeping these laws in mind, designers can make websites that are easy and intuitive to use while also subtly encouraging the behavior that they’re after, whether that’s closing a […]
financial advisor automation advantage schedule advisor
October 13, 2021

Automation for Financial Advisors – How to Improve the Scheduling Process

Financial advisors can benefit from automation in just about every aspect of their practice. Even so, less than half of financial advisory firms are taking advantage of the software that’s out there. The slow adoption of tech in the financial services sector is largely thought to be the result of old, difficult to upgrade technology […]
September 22, 2021

Funeral Services: How A Financial Advisor’s Value Goes Beyond Returns or Wealth Management

While so much of the conversation about a financial advisor’s value is focused on portfolio returns or wealth management services, we do far more than just help our client’s bottom line. Every day, we’re helping our clients navigate difficult financial situations, providing guidance and advice when a client gets worried about market downturns, and otherwise […]
18 Questions to Ask When Choosing a CRM for Advisors
August 25, 2021

18 Questions to Ask When Choosing a CRM for Advisors

There are a ton of amazing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions out there. For financial advisors, software like Redtail, Wealthbox, Advyzon, Junxure and others offer features and tools that were designed specifically with advisors in mind. Before you get inundated with all these different features and capabilities, as most of these CRMs are very powerful, […]
succession plan for financial advisors
August 11, 2021

Your Advisory Practice Is At Risk Without A Succession Plan. Here’s How to Make One

A succession plan clearly defines who will take over the practice in the event that you can no longer be there. While most financial advisors know how risky it is to not have a succession plan in place for your practice, many put off the work of making one because the day-to-day of serving your […]
help client avoid phishing attempts pulse360
August 4, 2021

How Financial Advisors Can Help Clients Avoid Phishing and Identity Theft Attempts

Phishing and identity theft are on the rise, not just through email but phone calls, texts, and even in person. In 2020, the FBI received nearly 800,000 reports of phishing, totaling $4.1 billion in losses for the victims of those schemes. The number of reports increases each year. As a financial advisor, preparing your clients […]
financial advisor tech workflow automate technology system
July 28, 2021

Financial Advisors Need to Get Serious About Implementing Tech

Financial advisors have been slow to adopt tech into their businesses. Only about 40% of advisory practices utilize software for financial planning, portfolio management, or customer management. The reason for the slow adoption seems to be a concern that the software won’t really bring enough value to justify the price. In a 2019 study tracking […]
setting goals and sticking to them financial advisor returns
July 21, 2021

Financial Advisors: Quit Talking about Returns. Start Talking About Financial Goals

When financial advisors try to “justify” their fees, the first thing many turn to is portfolio returns. On the surface, it makes sense. “If you pay me this fee, I’ll help you get this much back in the form of improved returns.” However, portfolio returns are just one narrow dimension of the value you provide. […]
no logo Pulse360 CPA Tax time referral advisor
June 30, 2021

How to Build an Effective Organization System for Tracking Tax Impact

Tax season can be a stressful time for anyone who works in a financial service position. For financial advisors, tracking down every single transaction or trade you did for every single client you have to accurately measure the tax impact of those transactions can be a lot of work. I’ve found that taking a proactive […]
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