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May 5, 2021

3 Steps Financial Advisors Can Take to Communicate Value to Clients

According to a recent study by Vanguard, 45% of the perceived value of your service comes from your client’s sense of well-being and their overall trust in you as a financial advisor. Your ability to communicate your value in clear, quantifiable terms is the key to building that trust and maintaining that sense of well-being.  […]
February 5, 2021

Financial Advisors: Do You Know Your Value?

There is a misalignment in what investors value and what financial advisors think they value. This ongoing fee conversation happening in our industry is proof of that. Of course, we know we create value, but do we really know what value we’re creating, how much it’s really worth, and what our clients are actually prioritizing? […]
December 30, 2020

The Future Value of a Financial Advisor’s Expertise

In addition to our normal responsibilities and services, we financial advisors also provide a level of expertise that can create a lot of future value but often gets forgotten since it falls outside the scope of our standard services.  This includes everything from responding to a crisis to solving problems before they negatively impact your […]
Get meeting notes better organized by using Tags in Pulse360 - a financial advisor software
December 8, 2020

Use Pulse360’s New Tag Feature to Keep Your Financial Advisor Practice Organized

How do you keep track of the important nuggets of information that you uncovered during a client meeting? When you promise to address a topic at the next meeting, how do you make sure you remember to put that topic on the agenda? Do you create tasks for yourself so that you’ll be reminded later? […]
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