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January 19, 2022

The Law of Prägnanz for Financial Advisors: How to Use Visual Elements to Simplify Complex Information

The overarching theme of many principles of UX design is simplicity. Hick’s Law argues that the simpler our options are, the more easily we can make a decision. Miller’s Law argues that the more pieces of information our brain is processing at the same time, the harder it is to process (and the more likely […]
David streamlines client review using Riskalyze and Pulse360 - for financial advisors
January 12, 2022

Webinar Replay: David's Client Review Process

David held a webinar on how he uses Riskalyze and Pulse360 to automate and streamline his virtual client reviews. This helps him save time, deliver value to his clients AND have a record for compliance. Check out the video below: And if you would like to receive the process template, please send us an email […]
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January 12, 2022

Miller’s Law for Financial Advisors: Why You Need to Make a Habit of Sending Follow Up Emails

The advice you give as a financial advisor is perhaps the most valuable element of the service you provide. But if a client doesn’t understand your advice or forgets it within an hour of leaving the meeting they had with you, the value of that advice diminishes quickly. That’s the problem you have to contend […]
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January 5, 2022

The Financial Advisor’s Curse of Knowledge Could Be Hurting Your Client Relationships

With years of education, specialized certification courses, and hands on experience under your belt, you bring a wealth of expertise and insights to each client you serve as a financial advisor. After all, that’s what they’re paying you for, right?  While that expertise is the core of the value you provide, it can also lead […]
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