Automatically Start Workflows in your CRM by just entering a simple note.

Financial Advisors, eliminate multiple steps just to trigger your workflows. Don't let things fall through the cracks - use the full power of Workflows with our Automation.

Start Your Workflows Automatically in

Redtail CRM integrates with Pulse360
Wealthbox CRM integrates with Pulse360
Save Time documenting your advice by using Pulse360 - software for financial advisors

Stop wasting time manually starting workflows in your CRM

Imagine thanking your prospect on hiring you and having the Onboarding Workflow automatically triggered in your CRM. Well, imagine no more, as that is exactly what you can do now. 
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"Just did a manager change for a client and Pulse Scheduled the workflow.....automagically!
I love this feature!" - David Dedman, Lexington Wealth Management

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Financial Advisors are already saving over 50% of their time.

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