AI & Automation Summit
for Financial Advisors

A virtual summit for growth-minded advisors and wealth managers

Using AI to Automate, Scale and Grow your Practice

There is a lot of talk about AI & Automation. Join us to learn:
  • How does an advisor actually apply that in their practice and with their clients?
  • What are the benefits, challenges and real life use cases that speak to advisors not technologists?
  • And how does all this actually save you time so you and your firm operate more efficiently?
Join leaders from some of the most innovative firms in the industry and see how advisors can utilize AI for advanced planning, client portfolio statements and client communications that have meaningful deliverables.
Register for the online summit on July 12th @ 2 pm ET / 11 am PT
Presented by leading advisor tech firms: VRGL, FP Alpha, Redtail & Pulse360

Join Craig as he explores the world of AI for Financial Advisors

Craig Iskowitz hosing AI & Automation Summit by Pulse360 for Financial Advisors
Craig Iskowitz is a business and technology strategy consultant who is a recognized expert on fee-based advisory platforms and wealth management technology. He is the founder and CEO of Ezra Group, a strategy consulting firm providing technology and business advice to banks, broker-dealers, asset managers, private equity and fintech firms.
Craig Iskowitz
CEO & Founder of EZRA Group
AI & Automation Summit by Pulse360 for Financial Advisors

Helping you deliver a better client eXperience

Your client eXperience reflects in your practice growth. Using Pulse360's AI & Automation, you can consistently deliver on your promise and wow your clients.
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Financial Advisor COO
Anand Seth | CEO
With over 20 years’ plus experience in the financial advisory industry, Anand understands only too well the high workload faced by financial advisors today. His goal is to minimize that workload by automating daily tasks with powerful, easy to implement technology. That way financial advisors can save time, stay compliant, and grow their business.
FP Alpha part of AI & Automation Summit by Pulse360 for Financial Advisors

FP Alpha: Where AI meets Financial Planning

FP Alpha’s AI-driven technology “reads” clients’ tax returns, wills, trusts, and insurance policies, instantly summarizing key data, identifying actionable planning insights, quantifying the value of advice, and driving more revenue to the advisor.
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Andrew Altfest CEO of FP Alpha presenting on Pulse360's AI Summit
Andrew Altfest | CEO
As President of Altfest Personal Wealth Management, a NYC RIA established in 1983 now managing over $1.6b AUM, Andrew Altfest advises clients on their personal finances and drives financial planning strategies across the firm. Andrew is also the founder and CEO of FP Alpha, the first AI-driven comprehensive wealth management solution to cover more than 15 areas of financial planning. Andrew received his BA with honors in English from Cornell University and his MBA from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business. He also is a CFP® licensee.

Andrew was named a Best-In-State Wealth Advisor in New York City by Forbes in its 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 rankings, as well as a Young Advisor to Watch by Financial Advisor in 2020. He was included in Forbes’ list of America’s Top Next-Generation Wealth Advisors in 2017, 2018, and 2019; InvestmentNews’ 2018 list of 40 Under 40 in the financial advisory industry; and Financial Advisor’s Due Diligence/Research Manager All-Star Team in 2012 and 2013. Andrew is a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and is chairman of the NYC chapter.
VRGL part of AI & Automation Summit by Pulse360 for Financial Advisors

With VRGL, the time and cost associated with lengthy prospecting is significantly reduced.

VRGL’s AI-driven technology helps financial advisors accelerate the Client Acquisition and Proposal Management process (“CAPM”) by providing automated statement extraction, powerful 5 Pillar Analytics, and fully customizable proposal generation capabilities. By enabling advisors to offload the cumbersome process of manually extracting data while streamlining and accelerating the client acquisition and decision-making process – advisors can expedite time to revenue by 50% with a 25% or more increase in initial check size!
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Josh Smith - CEO of VRGL presenting on Pulse360's AI Summit
Josh Smith | CEO
Josh Smith is Co-founder and CEO of VRGL. Josh has spent his entire career in software, institutional finance, and investment management. Most recently, Josh co-founded and was CEO of Solovis, Inc., an industry pioneer in multi-asset class analytics for institutional investors. Solovis is the system of record for established institutions, including many of the largest family and multi-family offices throughout the world. Josh successfully led the company from day one to its eventual sale to Nasdaq, Inc. in 2020.

Before Solovis, Josh was an investment banker at RBC Capital Markets and an investment associate for Investure, a $10 billion OCIO in Virginia where he made investment recommendations across public and private assets globally.

Josh graduated with highest honors from Georgia Tech and lives with his family in Dallas, TX.

With Redtail Speak, you can compliantly text your clients.

Redtail Speak has added AI assistant. It suggests text message responses with a specific sender based on your previous text history. This feature aims to streamline your communication process by suggesting suitable replies to your incoming messages, which you can then accept/regenerate/edit and send.
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Rick Williamson of Redtail CRM participating in AI & Automation Summit by Pulse360
Rick Williamson | Director of Training
Rick Williamson, better known as Ricky Redtail, has been with Redtail for over 11 years, where his role of Director of Training allows him to lead, as well as oversee, all training and education resources, presentations, and content. With a background peppered with experience in film production, public speaking, and time as a cast member at Walt Disney World, Rick has been able to make a significant impact at both Redtail and in the FinTech industry. His experience in numerous Marketing, Media, Training, and Presentation projects make him an exciting and entertaining voice in FinTech, Client Experience and Practice Management.