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6 Things Your Team Should Be Delegating to Technology

Date: February 23, 2022

As advisors and business owners, you already know the power of delegating to your team—but is your team taking full advantage of the power of delegating to technology? Doing tasks manually that you could easily have been done by technology eats into time that could be better spent meeting with clients and doing the high-level planning and idea-generation that simple tech can’t do. Here are six tasks that your team members could take off their plates and delegate to tech:

1. Scheduling Meetings and Follow Ups

As a financial advisor, you’re juggling multiple clients, each that require scheduling meetings, follow-ups, check-ins, not to mention time to prep before a meeting and time to organize your notes after.

Avoiding scheduling conflicts and, above all, avoiding any of your many tasks falling through cracks is tough enough on your own. If you’re also coordinating an entire team, doing it well can take up hours that you don’t have. 

Instead, delegate logistics like this to a CRM like Redtail or Wealthbox. This way, you have a shareable calendar that is automatically synced so every team member knows what’s on the agenda and can avoid scheduling conflicts without manually checking in with other team members.

If you have a fully synced, regularly updated calendar, you always know what’s coming up next without needing to dig through your notes.

2. Set Up Reminders

Reminders are a handy way to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. If you and your staff aren’t using tech, though, it’s easy to forget to actually set those reminders when you’re also doing a dozen other things in that moment.

Your team can use a voice command system like Google Voice, Siri, or Alexa to set up reminders without even having to stop what they’re doing. You can just tell your voice command system what the reminder is and when you need it and it will create it for you, no manual input required. 

3. Writing Emails

Writing emails is one of those tasks that you wish could be automated but feels like it can’t be. As a financial advisor, you tend to provide similar nuggets of advice to your clients and write the same kinds of emails over and over (e.g. – meeting summaries, follow-ups on specific pieces of advice, prospecting emails, etc.).

What if your team could automate that process? With a tool like Pulse360, you can. With this software, you can create note templates based on the advice you regularly give, and the types of emails you regularly send. Then, when it’s time to send emails, you simply pick and choose from your menu of custom-created note templates to generate a personalized email to your client or prospect. 

financial advisor email send agenda summary easy

4. Streamlining Your Task Creation Process

With new tasks popping up every hour, it’s easy for your team to lose track of every little thing that needs to be done—let alone to set reminders for all of them. To make sure nothing slips through the cracks, use a tool like Pulse360’s automatic task creation.  When you send emails or write notes in Pulse360, you can attach tasks to your note templates that automatically create tasks in Wealthbox or Redtail.

This works best on advice you tend to give regularly. For example, you can create a note template for emails that says “I recommend you consider a Roth conversion. Please consult your tax advisor.” 

On that note template, you can attach a task like “follow up” however many days later. When you add that note template to an email, a task will automatically be scheduled for the appropriate date and time, based on the time frame you gave in the template. 

With this tool, your team not only saves time on writing emails but also on updating your calendar based on what was discussed in that email!

5. Creating Annual Summaries

What used to take hours of pouring through dozens of meeting notes to identify every piece of advice you gave to a client over the year could be done in seconds when you delegate to technology. 

Those same custom templates and tags Pulse360 offers to help write emails can even be used to generate an annual summary of everything you’ve done for your client the past year. Now, you can quickly remind each of your clients of the value you provided over the past year, without taking time away from your other work. 

6. Social Media Marketing

While its personalized and direct nature still makes email one of the best tools financial advisors have for prospecting, social media is becoming an increasingly important tool for essential tasks like building relationships, priming referrals, and communicating the value that you provide as a financial advisor.

However, when your team already has a full plate of meetings, prep, follow ups, and the other core tasks that go into providing top-notch service to your clients, it’s hard to find time for actively managing an effective social media marketing strategy. 

That’s where tech comes in! 

With tools like Sprout or Hootsuite, you can schedule posts to automatically publish, filter through all the noise to find the best conversations to engage in, and analyze the performance of your social media strategy, without having to make time in your already busy schedule to maintain a strong social media presence.

When you and your team delegate as many of the administrative tasks as you can to technology, you free up more time for the personal side of financial advising: spending time with clients and making sure every single one feels like your top priority. Audit your team’s process today to identify which tasks you could automate with tools like Pulse360!

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